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NPR Music Tiny Desk Talks Fueled by Lagunitas...


The next and final NPR Music Tiny Desk Talks fueled by Lagunitas is 10/10 in Nashville, feat. Savannah Conley! Tix info here.

Since this Talk’s all about the creative process in the studio, get yourself in the mood with this soulful video of Lamont Landers in the studio, from his NPR Tiny Desk Concert entry....


Topic 3

The next NPR Music Tiny Desk Talks fueled by Lagunitas is “Please Hear My Music: How To Get On The Radio” in Portland, Oct 3. feat. NPR Music’s Bob Boilen and more.

Speaking of getting on the radio, check Hobo Johnson’s NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest entry that took him to the radio and his very own NPR Tiny Desk Concert!


Topic 2

The next NPR Music Tiny Desk Talks fueled by Lagunitas is “Setting The Scene: How To Soundtrack for Movies and Television” in LA, Oct 1. Feat. composer Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther, Atlanta) and KCRW DJ Liza Richardson (Barry, Narcos).

To get in the mood, here’s Kanan Morelock’s NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest entry where he so perfectly soundtracked a stroll through a tale of heartbreak...


Topic 1

Getting inspired for the upcoming NPR Music Tiny Desk Talks tour … The first event focuses on Live Recording and is given by an actual Tiny Desk Concert Audio Engineer(!) so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to revisit a past submission for the NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest. 

And cheers to Quinn Christopherson who so deftly captured this warm sound in a cold room:


Kicking off in September 2018, NPR Music is introducing the "Tiny Desk Talks" series fueled by Lagunitas. These four can't-miss, curated conversations will feature celebrated voices in the music and public radio space and cover topics like recording performances, soundtracking for film and television, getting music on the radio and the art of making an album. The Tiny Desk Talks will convene local communities of musicians, music lovers, public radio supporters and industry movers and shakers to talk about the challenges and opportunities in modern day music-making. 




After watching, toe-tapping, and jaw-dropping to thousands of knock-out entries, one has managed to shine brighter than all the others … NPR is very excited to congratulate this year’s winner of the NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest, Naia Izumi!

NPR Music’s Bob Boilen summed up Naia’s mystique best, “Naia Izumi’s electric guitar artistry is somewhere between the growling tones of Jimi Hendrix, while at the same time has the rhythm and melodic prowess of someone playing an African kalimba. He has a tenderness to his  voice that feels both aged and innocent with a talent that is bubbling and ready to blossom”. Watch and see for yourself: 





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