One Hitter

Cherry Jane

Brewed with Turkish Delight Cherry Juice

“From Prunus, I think,” said Brutus, the mink, as he took in a succulent taste. “That’s Cherry, you mean!”, cried Mary, the queen, and she sang with a bright rosy face. “You mean, it’s an ale?” posed Felix and Gail. Their minds ran rightfully a-race… “So what’s’it to beer?” asked an impatient Greer. “This is all just a frivolous waste!” or whatever…

Beer Specs

Cherry Jane

This sweet tart sour ale is full of Turkish Delight cherries, giving it a puckered up punch of cherry charm, then it's fermented with some Brettanomyces for that extra funky funk. We love you, Cherry Jane. Do ya?

ABV 5.5
O.G. 13.8


December 2019

12 oz
12 oz 6 Pack
On Tap
On Tap


Aunt Sally
Unlimited Release

To push ourselves to the edge of edgy brewing, we need to make room for other experiments and let Aunt Sally go on her way for now ... she'll be back (but not in a Terminator kinda way ... or will it??)

Beer Me
Dark Swan
Limited Release

Observers of yestercentury once denied the existence of the Dark Swan as obstinately as flat-earthers once denied the shape of our spherical home. They insisted the species was confined to a singular snowy hue. But there is a fragile futility to such narrowness of thought. The broader of mind understood that light and dark must forever compliment each other as eternal counterpoints. And just as Aristotle convinced us of our circularity, so adventuring ornithologists eventually contradicted the misconception of the monochrome swan, astonishing the world and casting light upon the Dark. This beer may well do the same…

Beer Me